Deep Fake Obama

Here’s how anyone can create audio & video deep fakes

Imagine next year, you stumble upon a video on social media that shows yourself drunk in a bar, acting lewdly. Then you receive a phone call from your boss, demanding that you resign because of that lewd video.


That did not happen. But the person in the video is you. And the voice in the phone call belongs to your boss. But when you next meet him, he did not seem to remember anything about the phone call. What happened?

In this hypothetical scenario, you have become a victim of audio and video Deep Fakes. The video on social media is fake and your boss did not make that phone call. The frightening thing is that this hypothetical scenario can easily happen today. The software tools to produce audio/video deep fakes are EASILY available and CHEAP. Anyone can transplant your face into any person’s head on any video. Not only that, anyone can capture a sample of your voice and use it to synthesise any speech.

Here are some examples of the software tools that are publicly available, all downloadable through mainstream legitimate channels:

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