Website Security

Do you know that hackers are always probing your website for security weaknesses?

Now, imagine if one day, you wake up to find your website is:

  • Defaced by hackers, OR
  • Blacklisted by Google because it is infected with malware, OR
  • Breached by hackers, resulting in private information being stolen, OR
  • Extremely slow because it is being attacked by a botnet, OR
  • Modified by hackers surreptitiously

What will happen to your business if that happens?

Here, we provide a service to manage the security of your website. For only $50 a month (paid annually), you will get:

  • Rock-solid website firewall
  • Malware removal within 12 hours
  • Malware and unauthorised modification scanning
  • Security patching
  • Restrict bad bots from exploiting your website
  • Blacklist monitoring (if your website gets blacklisted, you will know about it first)
  • Monitor files that are uploaded to your website
  • Automatically block known hackers and malicious users
  • Support for security issues

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Are you a VERY CAREFUL person?

You need to be informed about hackers' latest tricks so that you will know what to do to protect yourself.

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