As we all know, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly serious problem for everyone. Every day, we hear of cybersecurity breaches from the news. Many of us are either victims of cyber-crime and ID theft or know someone who is. Even big corporations and governments are not spared from cyber-attacks.

However, big corporations and governments are relatively well-taken care of in terms of cybersecurity. They have the resources and money to hire the best cybersecurity professionals, hardware and software to protect themselves.

But who is there to take care of the smaller end of town (i.e. the individuals, self-employed and small businesses)?

Unfortunately, the answer is, no one.

So, at iSecurityGuru, our mission is to help the smaller end of town in strengthening their digital security and privacy. We believe that if the smaller end of town is not digitally safe, then our local community will not be safe either. It is our vision to see that our local communities, families, friends and loved ones are digitally safe and not have to live in fear.