Apple cracked open

Apple colluding with NSA?

Judge for yourself the evidence.

In June 2023, Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky was hit by extremely sophisticated malware. Eugene Kaspersky, publicly announced that

Our experts have discovered an extremely complex, professional targeted cyberattack that uses Apple’s mobile devices. The purpose of the attack is the inconspicuous placing of spyware into the iPhones of employees of at least our company – both middle and top management.

The attack is carried out using an invisible iMessage with a malicious attachment, which, using a number of vulnerabilities in the iOS operating system, is executed on a device and installs spyware. The deployment of the spyware is completely hidden and requires no action from the user. The spyware they quietly transmits private information to remote servers: microphone recordings, photos from instant messengers, geolocation, and data about a number of other activities of the owner of the infected device.

Kaspersky reckoned that they were not the main target of this cyber-attack. But according to Ars Technica, the Russian government accused Apple of conspiring with NSA on this attack that targeted

… several thousand iPhones belonging to people inside diplomatic missions and embassies in Russia, specifically from those located in NATO countries, post-Soviet nations, Israel, and China.

Can you believe the Russians?

Back then, I took the Russian government’s claim with a pinch of salt. Some people distrusted Kaspersky because it is a Moscow-based company.

So, I did not take the Russian government’s claim seriously.

Kaspersky went public with VERIFIABLE details

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