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Critical security holes found in Zoom

Recently, it has been reported that hackers claimed to have found critical security holes in the Windows and macOS version of Zoom. What do you need to do?

According to the report, hackers were trying to sell information about these security holes for $500,000. Assuming that the hackers’ claims are true, you can be sure that they will not be disclosing such information publicly because its value depends on it being kept secret.

One of the security holes is found in the Windows version of the Zoom software. The hacker can pose as a conference attendee and inject malicious software code into other attendees’ computers that are running the Windows version of the software.

The other security hole is found in the macOS version of the Zoom software. Apparently, the security holes found in that version are less critical.

To protect yourself, you have to stop using the Windows and macOS version of the Zoom software for the moment. Instead, use the Zoom apps in your iOS, iPadOS and Android devices instead.

As I explained in my book, device operating systems (e.g. iOS, iPadOS, Android) are much more secure than computer operating systems (e.g. macOS, Windows, Linux). In fact, for security reasons, I always prefer to run apps downloaded from official app stores on my devices than to run software downloaded from third-party websites on my Mac/PC. If I have to download software for my Mac/PC, I prefer to download them from the official app store (i.e. Windows Store and Mac App Store) than from websites.

Personally, I only run the Zoom app on my iPad/iPhone. I never install the macOS or Windows version of the Zoom software.


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