We can help individuals, self-employed and small businesses set up and maintain their devices, computers and networks to ensure that they are digitally secure. We also help parents and guardians set up their familys’ devices and computers to ensure the cyber-safety of their kids.

For Parents…

Services for Individuals and Small Businesses…

End-to-end email encryption setup for your web domain

If you need a secure end-to-end encrypted email system, we can set up your web domain’s email (e.g. yourname@yourcompany.com) to be powered by ProtonMail.

Malware scanning and removal

If you suspect there is malware running in your computer, we can help you perform a malware scan and removal.

Ransomware-proof backups

Everyone knows the importance of backing up your data. But are your backups ransomware-proof? Many organisations still become victims of ransomware despite having backups. That is because their backups are encrypted by the ransomware too. We can help you set up a backup solution that is ransomware-proof so that you do not have to pay should you ever become a victim.

Secure erase of disks, computers and devices

We can help you securely wipe the internal storage of your computers and devices so that you can safely de-comission and recycle them.

WordPress security setup

If you have a WordPress website, we can help you set it up to be secure.

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