Information leak

Do you have sensitive documents that you need to distribute to many people, but you are worried about leaks?

One technical solution is to use Microsoft’s Information Rights Management to control the access of your sensitive documents. With that, you can prevent people from printing, marking up your documents or even accessing them after a specified period of time. But that is a half solution. You can prevent distribution of your documents to unauthorised recipients. That’s not a difficult problem to solve.

But what about authorised recipients? How can you prevent authorised recipients of your documents from leaking them?

You cannot prevent them from taking screenshots of your documents. Even if you can do that, you cannot prevent them from taking a photo of your documents with their smartphone camera. Once that happens, your documents can be leaked and you will not know who did it. If you do not know who did it, you cannot take any action. You cannot take disciplinary or legal action against the unknown perpetrator. Your hands are tied. So, is there any solution to this problem?

Yes, there is!

There is now a high-tech patented solution to solve this problem: LeaksID. It can help you distribute your documents, be it PDF, Office documents, images, and so on. Each document will have invisible markings tailor-made for each recipient of your documents. This invisible markings can survive through camera snapshots, screenshots and hard-copies. Every single time the document is opened, emailed or printed out, it is imperceptibly marked. With these special markings, whoever leaks the documents will be easily identified.

Below is the video of how it works:

You can find out more about LeaksID here.