iPhone thief

How to prevent an iPhone thief from outsmarting Find My?

Let’s say a thief steals your iPhone. By default, it is most probably connected to the Internet through the mobile Internet broadband. If your iPhone has the “Find My” and Location services turned on, then you can certainly track your iPhone on the map and wipe it remotely if you want to. A thief will be easily caught.

So, what can a thief do to counter that? And what you can do to counter the thief’s countermove?

One of the things a thief can do is to turn off your iPhone. But as I mentioned before at Can you be tracked even when you turn off your iPhone?, if you have the most recent iPhones, it can still be tracked on the Find My app’s map even when it is turned off. There are 4 prerequisite conditions that must be fulfilled for your iPhone to be trackable when turned off:

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